Monday, June 21, 2010

Hellchick - RIP

When I started Hellchick last year, she exemplified everything I wanted to do with my career and as a 3d artist. I've always felt like there was a certain prestige that went along with being a character artist and that's always been my goal. At this stage however I feel like environments are what I excel at and find the most interesting. I want to truly devote myself to all aspects of their creation and push myself to be truly exceptional. Once I'm closer to that goal I'll come back to studying characters and the human form in order to be a more well rounded cg artist.

I've consolidated some of the redundant posts and put out two super hi-res renders of the part I'm most proud of. I've been asked for wires so I made sure to put up a really large image so that you can get a good idea of how all the details are constructed.


  1. Don't ever stop believing!!! You can finish her :)


  2. I like having you guys here, come by more often!

  3. Amazing work! Love the depth and atmosphere- I love it. And finish the girl- she deserves it!